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Output of Group Discussion

Outputs of the Group Discussions

Group 1

- Upstream catchment - Seen as an energy and water source for other regions/downstream/plains

- Sensitization of MPs & MLAs regarding Nilgiris

- Comprehensive land-use policy (as a water catchment conservation of the entire Nilgiris region)

- Shola regeneration areas to be protected - firewood depots

- Plantations vs. Sholas - harvest plantations to reduce pressure on Sholas

- Water management in rainy season

- Other sources for dry season

- Consider Shola-grassland ecosystem together

Group II

- Commercial vs. Domestic

- Rights of Nilgiris farmers over the water for irrigation

- Need for improved storage measures for domestic & irrigation

- Conservation of water supplied for domestic

- better management & distribution

- Proper maintenance (no leakages / wastage)

- Traditional vs Conventional - construction & maintenance of conventional systems to be handed over to local water users for better results

Group III

- Demand - Supply Gap

- Construct maximum number of check dams / maintenance of existing check dams

- Preservation of swamp areas

- Prevention of contamination of sources

- Waste water recycling

- Cheap storage devices : ferro cement / poly lined tanks

- Equitable water usage : guidelines required

- Involving communities in planning specifically for identification of sources

- Coordination between implementing agencies. E.g : Forest Dept. TWAD, EB (amendments in legislation required)

- Why traditional systems are not applicable in today's context -Change in land use has made the traditional system defunct. Growth in population - cannot cater to the numbers

- Aspects of traditional systems which can be relevant

- Planting & protection of area around with native species

In hilly areas rain water harvesting is to be attempted with caution - keeping in mind the topography / situation of the land. For agriculture purposes water harvesting structures should be encouraged




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