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Water User group Meeting July


People present during the meeting.

  1. Lingan
  2. Rani
  3. Raju
  4. Laxmi
  5. Hallamani
  6. Vijaya
Since Vijaya was not feeling well for more than a month, the collection could not happen. But Lingan has contributed Rs. 20/- & has come forward to do the collection for the water group & the hosepipe this Sunday instead of Vijaya.Only one fourth of the poly line tank is with little water due to the Solar pump motor problem. Rajesh from Aurore is coming this Monday. Only Lingan is irrigating his field for beans. No one else is doing cultivation.Now people are asking to convert the poly line tank for a permanent cement structure so it will be use full in the future. They will money contribute for cement. Sand & stones can be picked up from here. Laxmi (Rani's daughter) has come forward to help in the nursery, doing weeding & watering. Requesting us to assign people to operate the solar pump because too many hands operating now which is not good.Only few in the village were present, rest gone to Gudalur hospital to see Jollan of Boothanatham who has consumed poison

People insisting on 3” hose pipe to be fitted on the irrigation pipeline which the elephant had tampered with. Since they have ploughed the field & waiting to irrigate the land. Enquired whether they have approached the ranger to get permission for the hose pipe line to be laid outside the fence area. The school fees for the students had been given & repayment has started for the same.

People present in the meeting.

  1. Rajan
  2. Bommiammal
  3. Ari
  4. Bellu
  5. Marie
  6. Pushpa
  7. Buntun
  8. Saroja
  9. Kavitha
  10. Saritha
  11. V.B. Raj
  12. Sanjeev
  13. John Buntun
  14. Raman
  15. Mathan


Only fFew people had attended the meeting. They had argued that we have done nothing to them, so why should Wecontribute towards the water users's fund. We had briefed them that since there is no cooperation from the peoples side we could not come forward for the implementation. The head man Masanan refused to be there for the full meeting & walked off half way through. He has told to get the permission from the Panchayat president & then only implement things. This shows slight change from his attitude due other NGO's interference. After briefing about all the other WUGs they finally agreed to mend the leakages from the Mavnalla pipeline & agreed to start paying the contribution to the WUG fund after comparing with savings from the other groups. So spare parts have been bought & given to the fitter for mending the leakages.

People present in the meeting were as follows:-

  1. Dandu
  2. Buntun
  3. Masanan
  4. Deviammal
  5. Jeya
  6. Gowri
  7. Suresh
  8. Sidhhan


The group has been formed by Rathna.

The names are follows:-

  1. K. Kali
  2. S. Kamala
  3. K. Sujatha
  4. N. Kanama
  5. A. Maria
  6. N. Vijaya
  7. M. Laxmi
  8. D. Chikthai
  9. M. Jeya
  10. R. Susheela
  11. B.Rathna

They have contributed Rs. 15/- this week for the WUG fund.


People present in the meeting

  1. Gopi
  2. Rani
  3. Ramachandran
  4. Kun Marie
  5. Bellu

There is no problem in the water supply. People wanted one more distribution line towards Bellu's house. All asking help for cultivation. They need tractor for ploughing. Accepted for trackor on sharing basis. Seeds asked are - Ragi, Mustard, Nyger, Sunflower, Panni Avarai, Chillies, Brinjal, Maize & Thatta pyre.

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