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General Narrative criteria:

The general location of the wetland is towards the extreme western corner of the district. It is amongst the last inhabited Badaga village in the Nilgiris district.

Kinnakorai ranks as the most polluted wetland surveyed by our group and upon discussions with other wetland teams, we found that it come a close second in terms of pollution to the Thalaikunda wetland found near Ooty.



Kinnakorai suffers from several problems especially form encroachment, commercial and domestic sewage inflow and diversion of wetland for other purposes. The swamp has been converted into a playground. The water is drained in to a channel. Domestic sewage and waste is let into the wetland. Acorus and Eupatorium are dominant. Water is stagnant near the check dam. The water runs off through one side of the check dam.


Biological and Botanical condition:

The source of the wetland was dominated with Acorus calamus. The edges or the upland species were Datura, Phytolocca, Lantana, Cassia didymobotrya and Pteris

The construction of the checkdam has made the marshy part of the wetland with soil sedimentation causing the growth of Eupatorium, Polygonum, Commelina, rumex, Ludwigia. Near the out flow of the checkdam Salix species was dominant.

Status type



Benefits & Uses



Small to medium 2.76 acres

Domestic(H), Commercial(H)




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