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We aimed to have water users groups so as to strengthen the water institutions in the village areas, we have initiated water user groups to be formed at each village level and overall a federation is formed from all the seven groups in the Sigur area. To update and carry on the activities of the groups a monthly meeting is scheduled for all villages at their own given timings to make it more feasible & working. Different aspects are discussed in the meetings such as repair works, leakages, coordination work to what has to be followed for any need of attention by the panchayat board or any other institutions like the water board or government agencies.

A corpus fund is being contributed by the group members for the maintenance work and for the future sustainability of the group.

Training for plumbing and fitters was organized for the youth members of all the villages to support the WUG in repairs and maintenance of the distribution pipelines or the existing systems.

Lots of implementation work has been done in the villages - some are as follows

Relaying of the Anaikatti - Kanyakumari pipeline to enable Kanyakumari to get piped drinking water which was denied earlier.

Provided distribution pipelines to the streets in the Anaikatti village - fixing all taps.

Provided a well cover for the drinking water source & a hose pipe for pumping water for irrigation. Few taps has been provided inside the villages.

Drinking water was provided to the Indranagar settlement, about 380 meters of hose pipe has been provided. An existing old pipeline was repaired with a tap. The Check dam at Dhanakadavu was cleaned & the whole pipeline was relayed from the participation from the village members.

In Kurumbarpallam & Chemmanatham the panchayat boards were sensitized to relay or lay new pipelines due to insufficient water for the villages. It has been completed successfully except for Kurumbarpallam , since there are small problems yet surfacing due to private people siphoning of the village water.

In Boothanatham, an additional poly line water tank was provided for drinking as well as for irrigation. But due to lack of responsibilities & negligence from the village the tank has become unusable. The pumping happens directly from the stream to the field for irrigation.



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