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Survey of Nilgiri Wetland
Keystone conducted a baseline survey of 38 hill wetlands. We have mapped, inventorised flora, fauna and people dependence on wetlands.

Wetlands have been classified in different categories as common property resources - in rural and urban areas and in private and protected areas. In each of these categories a threat assessment has been made and identified specific, local issues pertaining to the wetlands. Out of the 38 wetlands - 5 representative wetlands have been selected for a local management plan in consultation with stakeholders.

4 Posters have been prepared: Wetlands of Nilgiris & People, Wetland Birds, Wetlands Biodiversity and Nilgiris Wetlands Flora.

Implementation of a solid waste management project to install 9 toilets which did not exist for the families who polluted a wetland source with human wastes was completed.

A campaign to generate awareness of wetlands through a march, addressing stake holders on the values of wetlands and printing popular t-shirts with wetland themes.

Advocacy with the local government succeeded in giving us permission to rehabilitate and revive the Happy Valley wetland.

A nursery of 771 wetland plants has been raised and more than 50 wetland trees of different species have been planted.

A movie of 4 minutes with survey findings has been made.

A stake holder's workshop was organized in Ooty bringing Government, NGOs, Indigenous People (Todas and Kotas) and Scientists from the National level to come out with a practical Nilgiris Wetland Recommendation



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