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Lovedale 'Hadda' - (Type:Rural)

General Narrative Criteria:

This is a long stretch of wetlands which have been fragmented by development activities. The first occurs in a Toda mund just outside Ooty. This has three small wetlands which are adjacent to each other. The Toda's refer to these wetlands as 'Hadda'.

A eucalyptus distillation plant near the wetland

There is a eucalyptus oil distillation unit at one end which takes the wetland water for its unit. Driving from here one goes through a valley of wetlands - seeing villagers washing clothes from the sources of water from the wetlands. No agriculture area - the land being kept fallow. This is the road which takes us to our first wetlands inside a tea estate - Welbeck. The estate is a biodynamic and organic estate. A running stream flows down the road as you enter the estate. We trek to the source - a wetland feeds this source. The wetland is a medium size of woods and bushes; the source is beyond that inside tea land. As we approach the water body there is a deep pool of water which has been made by the estate for storage - one side of the pool is open and attached to the wetland which is full of grasses, reeds and swamps. As we move further the earth closes in and water cannot be seen - though it is swampy and slushy. Trees and thick undergrowth cover the area.

The wetland in lovedale has multiple users-agriculture, tea estate, villagers for drinking water and washing purposes, eucalyptus oil distillation unit.

Biological and Botanical Narrative:

The wetland was dominant with Juncus glaucus. Viola serpans and Centella asiatica was found at the base of Juncus glaucus in the ground level. Rorippa indica was found in the small stream running in between the wetland. Zantedeschia was found in small discrete patches.

The following birds were sighted of Brahmni kite, Bulbul, Egret was observed. Cattle grazing (cow, sheep, and goat) were seen.

Numeric criteria:

Water qualtity:

Permissible limits

Observed value



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