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General Narrative criteria:

Thiashola is located near the Hindustan Lever Tea factory in the southwestern corner of the district. It is located at a high point, almost 2200 metres above sea level. This wetland has also been converted and modified immensely for human needs.


Various disturbances were noted such as conversion, digging and removal of plants. The wetland comes under the forest department and there are signs of neglect that could further contribute to the degradation of the wetland. Grazing was widespread.

Biological and Botanical conditions:

The canopy was open in most areas with more than 90% domination by grasses. Carex spp. was the dominant species and Juncus (blue tint) was found in the swampy part of the wetland with Eriocaulon in between (in small patch), the marshy part was covered with Buffalo grass, Limnophila spp. Gentiana spp., and Plantago. The drier part of the wetland was with Cnicus and Pteris. The wetland was surrounded by Eucalypus and Wattle plantation and by a small patch of Shola trees (Daphniphyllum, Theda, Velodai, and Rhododendron). Signs of Wild boar, Barking deer, was present.

Status type



Benefits & Uses



Small 1.68 acres

Domestic(H), Commercial(H)

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