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General narrative criteria:

This wetland is also a protected one with fencing as it is part of the government Sheep Breeding & Research Institute. We were unable to get the permission to survey the wetland through GPS due to the absence of the Head of the institute. The elevation of the wetland is about 2220m. We could only take stock of the vegetation of the wetland..

 Biological and botanical condition:

The vegetation of the wetland are Juncus was the dominant species in the wetland with Verbena, Viola, Hydrocotyle and Fragaria spp. herb in the ground cover. The uplands species were Helicrysum, Solananum verbascifolium, Ulex, and, Pteris. Eucalyptus plantation surrounded the wetland on one side. The other side was grass land.


There were some disposed wastes in the periphery of the wetland which has to be looked into.






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