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General narrative criteria:

This wetland is located in the Kotagiri Taluk, surrounded by habitations from all sides. This is called as Ubrrani Hada in the local language. The total area of the wetland is 6.412 acres, the perimeter being 0.9554. It is located at 1918m above MSL.

Biological and botanical narrative:

The vegetation in this wetland is dominated by buffalo grass. Herbs like Centella asiatica and Plantago were found in marshy areas along with the grasses. Zantedeschia was seen in places were water was stagnant or flowing. Abundant growth of Rorippa indica was seen on and along the water course. The wetland was surrounded by Solanum verbascifolium, Leucas, Rubus ellipticus and Lantana. Plantations like Eucalyptus and Tea was found in the dry land. Life forms like water boatman & other water spider was visible in the wetland.


The status of the wetlands is highly polluted. The source is from the tea gardens from the above areas. Many wells have been constructed here & few have been abandoned due to non portability of water. All the domestic drains flow into the swamp. The periphery is constructed of house hold toilets & even a public toilet has been built by the Panchayat. Washing of clothes takes place in the middle of the swamp & this pollutes the running water. Grazing is high on the wetland & plastic is thrown all over the place. The anthropogenic pressure seems to be high on this wetland.




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