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  General narrative criteria:

This wetland is located in the Coonoor Taluk of the Nilgiris district. The area of the wetland is 6.735acres & the perimeter is 1.226km & the elevation of the wetland is 1762m.

 Biological and botanical condition:

The vegetation of this wetland being marshy is dominant with grass species (Cyperus , kiko, Kyllingia, buffalo grass, Scripus) with herbs like Limnophila . The dry part has shrubs like Ipomea, Artemisia parviflora, Solanum verbascifolium, Eupatorium, Lantana, Ricinus and Pteris Plantago, Centella and Viola was found in moist soil. Wetland trees species, Salix was also found. The course of the stream was inhabited by Zantedeschia.

Life forms like water boat man was coomon & toads.


Fairly a large wetland, with high grazing & is surrounded by tea estates which is vulnerable to high chemicals & pesticides. A CSI school has built a toilet for the children just on top of the wetland. A drain from the estate quarters & the school runs straight into the wetland. The soil is black & peaty. Garbage is dumped right on top of the wetland. No fencing around the wetland & it is within the control of the estate with public access.





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