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Sigur Monthly Report October 2006

The water user's group meetings were conducted in the following villages.

Siriyur - Asked for the distributed pipes.

Anaikatti - New groups asked for seeds details in papers - bush beans, one main ball valve - leaking - three more taps.

Kurumbarpallam - more members wanted to join the WUG. The complaint letter to the panchayat, collector to be handed over shortly, only three people sowed seeds, no rains, rest did not cultivate. Will be done after rains. Bellu's house pipeline to be laid.

Chokkanalli - Diesel motor under repair(agriculture) - wanted to be mended, bus fare for mechanic to see the problem, to discuss the repair later.

Boothanatham - Madeswaran house line needed - hose pipe for drinking purpose.

Chemmanatham - Gone to the village, no meeting, but the village headman told he will collect the WUG fund & bring to the centre.

Vazhaithottam - Meeting attended only by 3 persons, but could not discuss anything due to less members. To get back the old SHG group money decided to go to Gudalur for discussion.

Wanted for lab;- Gloves, test tube holder & thermometer.

Position of the WUG fund for the month of October 2006.

Boothanatham - 65/-(Sept)

Kurumbarpallam -

Chemmanahtam - 60/-(Oct) & Jan 60/-

Vazhaithottam - 65/-(Oct)

Anaikatti - 140/-(Oct), Kanyakumari - 60/-(oct)

Chokkanalli -

Siriyur - 65/-(Sept)


Lime saplings given to Anaikatti & Siriyur

Boothanatham work pending

Anaikatti pending.



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