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The district is located over an elevation range of 1,000-2,636 m above sea level, comprising hilly peaks, plateau and lower plateau regions - most of the settlements are located in the latter two elevation ranges. The district is home to a number of indigenous communities and they include the Todas, Badagas, Kotas, Kasavas, Irulas, Kurumbas, Jenukurumbas, Mullu Kurumbas, Bettu Kurumbas, Kattunaickens, Paniyas, Mandadan Chettis and Wynaadan Chettis.

Water from the upper areas flows through diverse landscapes, bringing with it a complex interaction and dependence. This is probably the only district where so many aspects of natural resources are linked in such a tight space. Spatial-temporal blocks exist, where cultures converge like the Badagas-Todas-Kotas in the upper areas, the Irulas-Kurumbas (in the lower areas), the urban and migrant population in the middle elevations. Each of these communities has a unique approach to water systems. Traditional management and indigenous knowledge have been eroded to a significant extent. Government power generation projects have also manipulated water systems. Government water supply and maintenance through different mechanisms and devices, have made forays into traditional systems of management, all not necessarily beneficial.

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