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In this private estate area we have surveyed 6 wetlands in total & it varies from elevation ranging from 2220 to 2327m above sea level. The area of the wetlands varying from 8.751 acres to 0.4227 acres & the perimeters ranging from 1.458 km to 0.3919 km. The status of the wetland is highly protected since it is a private estate & it is certified as organic, so there is no pollution by means of chemicals or pesticides.

The water quality is pure & good.

 Biological and botanical condition:

The vegetation of these wetlands is purely grassland & shola kind of vegetation with wild flowers like orchids & blossoms. . Shola trees like Theda, Michelia nilagirica, Syzygium montana, Rododendron, Mahonia, Daphniphyllum glaucescens, Acacia, were found surrounding the wetland. The dominant species in the wetland was Juncus glaucus. Eriocaulon was also seen in some of the wetland in the marshy places. Herbs like Plantago, Centella, Limnopilia, Gentiana, Hydrocotyle and insectivorus plants like Utricularia, Drosera were found in the wetland.

Invasive species Eupatorium, Erigeron, Ageratum were also found at the edges of the wetland.

It is full of wildlife zones like amphibians like frogs, water spiders & large mammals like, sambar, panther, tiger, bison, wild dogs & others. Presence of coliform could be possible because of the wildlife accessibility.

 Threats: The manager in the estate considers these wetlands to be 'waste lands' and is in the process of looking at options to convert these wetlands into 'productive' lands.






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