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Water Resources Audit   
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Since Sigur is said to be very special area comparing the drainage pattern, climate as rain shadow area, the type of vegetation as shrub jungle towards the east and mostly but not the least the crucial wildlife zone. Where again the plateau is banned of drilling bore wells & consumption of water for various purpose has been restricted for one or more reasons. The indigenous people need water for their interests for growing crops of their likes & the wildlife in the reserved & the sanctuary need water also to survive. Where in the government on the other hand the TNEB has its own stake in hydro power generating & bringing in revenue to the state exchange & are least bothered of the developments taken in this plateau. There are the other departments like the Forest Department who has its own stake in building its own infrastructure like numerous check dams & percolation tanks from its own angle. The Hydro Metric Services measuring the flow rate with silt accumulation & so on. The TWAD board & the local governing body implementing its own water schemes. There are private estates & fields who irrigate their lands for their various crops. Thus it makes us interesting to make a good water resources audit of this area to ascertain future sustainability of water usage & to draw an ecological balance in this whole fragile ecosystem.

Objectives of the Assignment Study

To prepare a Water Resources Audit report for the hydro-geological features of the Sigur Plateau with specific reference to water resources – ability for conservation, geological features available which would support retention, percolation and recharge.

The specific objectives include

a.The preparation of a ‘Water Resources Audit’ report, which will be based on a study of the hydro-geological features of the Sigur Plateau with specific reference to water resources. The study will cover the scope for conservation and the geological features that would support retention, percolation and recharge.
A resource analysis covering the causative factors of the water crisis, typical patterns if any, and future scenarios under different management options, the conditions and variability across seasons and past trends will be done. Data would be generated to identify freshwater budgets in hill areas (Sigur plateau), which are typically source zones. A menu of options would be available after the audit on “what to do & where by whom”.
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